Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Long Did you Have to Live Once you had Black Death?

It really doesn't make since to most at all.You could be perfectly fine and the next day be dead as a doorknob. The time you had to live was just random.Some lived up to two weeks with the horrific symptoms and others lived for one night with it. The average time you had to live once infected was two to seven days. The people had a strange way of thinking back then, but it made sense. The quicker you died the luckier you were and the slower you died the worse. This was said because if you lived for a week then you had to endure all of the sypmtoms.As for if you lived for three days you'd only have to put up with a few minor symptoms.Those who waited for loved ones to die were in no despair because death was exspected and knew  that they were not in pain anymore.

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